Acacia was born in Palermo in the early ’90 from the desire of his founder Martino Lo Cascio, guitarist and songwriter of the band.

After 4 demo-tapes, “No silence” (1991), “Looking for to dream” (1992), “Funerals of State” (1993) and “Introspection” (1994), and the participation with the best italian metal bands at the compilation released by the label Underground Symphony in 1994 (with the song “Funerals of State”), the band signed in 1995 a deal with the same label to realize his first album “Deeper Secrets”.

Released in 1996, “Deeper Secrets” received very good reviews on the best metal magazines, and the band, considered one of the most interesting of the italian progressive metal scene and very much appreciated by his fans, played at many live concerts.

But for different point of musical views between his components, Acacia stopped his activity in 1998. In the following years, Martino Lo Cascio has continued to compose and write songs to start again and now, finally, Acacia is back with a new adventure: the new album “Resurrection”.